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Which Dog Food is Better: Avoiding Manufactured Pet Foods through Homemade Ones – People now have recently gone into the habit of making their own pet foods for their dogs. They are now aware of what these commercially manufactured pet foods are doing to their pets and its possible side effects to their pets.

The recent exposure of the health hazards that these foods do to our pets have certainly put off some owners and have now become more sensitive to their dog’s health needs.

Avoiding Manufactured Pet Foods through Homemade Ones

Although there are still some who has not yet heard of what these things are really about, though it will not be too late for them to decide about it once they understand what it is.

It is not really hard to look for other options as making them yourself at home is one of the best ways to provide food and nutrition to your pet dog. By doing it at home, you will know what exactly goes into your dog’s stomach and be sure that it is clean.

Dogs need a lot of ingredients to fulfill their dietary needs. They need it for their growth, energy and their body’s repair. The food should contain a lot of nutrients if they are going to provide their daily needs. It must have the proper amount in order to provide them with a balanced diet.

Your dog will need some food nutrients in his diet such as protein, which they need for growth, repair, and energy. Excess proteins are converted to carbohydrates so one would need to measure his rations carefully. They also need vitamins and minerals for their other needs.

Fats are also a must although we had been exposed to the idea that it is bad thing to have in your diet. But the truth is, it helps in some biological process such as in the breakdown of food. Aside from this, dogs also need some carbohydrates to provide them with energy. They help provide the burning fuel for your dog’s energy needs in order to keep them active.

There are some dogs who are allergic to some sort of food and the best way to help prevent it to provide them with a wide range of foods. When dogs are exposed to the same kind of meal each, every day, they are most likely to develop allergy from it.

So, it would be best if you can do some rotation or variation in their meals, giving them a different one every single day. Aside from this, you would also need to prepare them carefully as not to spoil it with foreign bacteria and germs.

Having healthy pets with good body defenses starts from giving them a good diet. When their immune system is strong, they will be less likely to get sick or develop diseases.

Commercially prepared pet food usually contain some animal byproducts in them in order to improve nutrient content.

But they are not really healthy for your pet to eat and so you should avoid buying them for your pet by preparing your pet’s food yourself, you are avoiding this big mistake and aside from that, you would know how clean the food is.

If they develop any adverse reactions from the food, you would be able to tell which it is and so you would be able to remove it from your dogs diet.

Do You Know what Your Dog Food Contains?

Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Canned Dog Food Reviews
Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Canned Dog Food Reviews

Grooming dogs are supposed to be living for about two to three decades but today the amount of years that they spend has significantly grown lower. A lot of this was found to be due to the type of diet that these dogs are now on.

A lot of dogs are now being fed through commercially prepared dog foods which are has nothing but little food nutrients not enough for the needs of your growing dog.

Dog foods today contain nothing but very little amounts of the food nutrients that they show on the back label of your dog foods packaging. Manufacturers put a lot of the insignificant ones and very little of the more important ones on their dog food products.

They contain a lot of sodium to make it more tasty but aside from this they also add in preservatives and other additives to make your dog food look good and smell good even if they are not really that nutritious at all. Some of them even include animal by-products which are supposed to be eaten by animals at all.

They also contain a lot of carbohydrates which is not the most important constituent of dog foods. The large amounts of this nutrient even leads to some health problems which owners may not notice at first.

One of the major problems that they cause in dogs is excess weight which leads to other more serious ones. It is one of the reasons why dogs today are now having shorter life-spans than they used to about twenty years ago.

Animal nutrition experts say that your dog’s meals should contain the same amount of dietary constituents that you have on your own meals.

It should contain a small amount from the carbohydrates and not the large quantities that are found on commercially available dog foods. They should also contain a significant amount of fiber which they need for a more normal bowel movement and reduced fats on their diet.

According to some authorities, pests can also get into dog food products which can cause some serious problems for your dog. They carry a lot of diseases that you should be careful not to let them get to your dog’s food.

There is also the problem with fungi and molds which you can avoid getting into it by keeping your dog’s food in a dry, tightly sealed container. You should also serve your dogs food in a clean hygienic plate where he can eat them.

Making Your Own Pet Food

Royal Canin Dog Food Price In Sri Lanka
Royal Canin Dog Food Price In Sri Lanka

Is it possible for dog owners to make their own pet food and not sacrifice their dog’s health? According to the American Holistic Veterinary Association, it is possible. The only condition is that, it should be done with the utmost care as possible.

According to these experts, one should only do it after he has been educated with the proper way of preparing dog food and with a lot of dedication and effort. He disagrees with the common idea that meat is the primary food that dogs would need. They even deem it a dangerous idea to think that pets can live on meat alone.

According to them, although meat is one of the main food type that you can make for a homemade meal for your pet, one may also need some other stuff like vitamins, minerals and other nutrients which can be found in other forms of food source. It is the goal of a homemade diet to replicate the nutrients that can be found on natural prey of your pet.

Whatever it is that an owner wants to put on the pot should contain the necessary vitamins and minerals that his pet’s body would need for his daily physical needs. For example they would need some Taurine to help prevent diseases of the eye and of the heart.

There is a company which sells some recipes for pets which can be made out of human food ingredients together with added supplements. Owners can also access them through the web by going to their web address and clicking on one of the forms of proteins and carbohydrates. They include lamb, chicken, rice, pasta and even tofu.

According to veterinarians, pet first aid is a series of easy-to-do procedures that may save your pet’s life from apparent danger. They are things that an owner can learn for himself and apply to his dog until a veterinarian can administer some help. It also includes steps on how to get an animal safely.

Getting a dog on a muzzle made up out of a piece of garment such as a pantyhose, will always be the first thing that you would need to learn in animal first aid. This is so since animals tend to be aggressive when they are hurt and it is expedient to apply first aid for the first few minutes of injury.

Delaying it might be fatal to the animal. After that, owners should learn about how to bandage him, transferring him and what equipments they have to have in their homes or in their car. Accidents can happen either at home or in the car and having the skills to give them immediate aid is a definite advantage.

According to an author about dog first aid, it is not unusual for cases like this to happen. Families today usually have a pet or two at home and they have become some sort of an essential part of the family.

They take them for outings or any outdoor activity. People can spend so much time looking for places that would be pet-friendly but one thing that they seem to forget is that they need to learn how to administer emergency first aid to their pets, too.

He suggests that before you take your dog out of your houses, owners should know how to go the nearest vet service provider from that location where they are going. Having a first aid kit is also important as well as knowing how to use it. It is also advised that owners should go to a first aid class for them to fully learn how to apply first aid to their dogs.

Nutrition in Commercial Dog Foods

Cane Corso Dog Food Rating
Cane Corso Dog Food Rating

Dog foods today are not really nutritionally balanced to provide our pets with the healthy food that they need. Commercially produced dog food is one of the major causes of why pets are now dying earlier and catching these diseases that they didn’t have before.

Having this unhealthy food stuff on your dog’s plate is definitely not going to help them at all. Probably, if your dog is not fed continuously with these low-nutrition foods, they might be able to catch up with good health.

Commercially produced dog food is basically treated with high temperatures which does not do these foods any good. They lose their nutritional value through these methods and hence does not provide any real health-giving benefits when you feed your dog with them.

When food nutrients are exposed at very high temperatures they are usually destroyed or become unavailable for your dog’s metabolism. One of the evidences that your dog food has been ultrahigh treated is the presence of burnt areas on some of your dog’s food. These turns food nutrients into things that cannot benefit your dog’s health at all.

Those which are dry processed becomes easily spoiled or gets infested with various fungi and bacteria making it unsuitable for your pet dog. When the temperature becomes humid, they are most likely to develop moisture and spoil along the way.

Molds and bacteria are the worst things that dry food products can get. They are able to get through tiny holes on the bags and then spread and reproduce inside without you knowing it. So, you may think that what you bought was good but upon opening it, you will discover that it has been spoiled already. Foods infected with molds should not be given to pets at all.

If you were to eat the same type of processed food, do you think you would be able to live as healthy when you are eating more nutritious and fresh foods? The same is happening with your dog when you give him these foods.

There are now a lot of diseases that shorten your pet’s life which has been unknown before when processed foods was not the fad. A lot of them are slowly crippling your dogs that you should take an action before it gets too late to heal your dogs from them.

Studies have shown that these diseases are present more on dogs which are fed commercially produced food than those which are fed with table scraps.

What can you say about diseases such as cancer and heart diseases which are now commonplace among domesticated pet dogs at home? These diseases were largely unknown before the advent of these processed dog foods.

Raw Dog Food: A Better Diet

Siberian Husky Puppy Food Amount-min
Siberian Husky Puppy Food Amount-min

Owners of pet dogs should know what ingredients go into their dog’s pet food. These prepackaged dog food usually contain a lot of ingredients that are not good for your dog’s health or things that are even supposed to be consumed as food.

With raw dog foods, you can never go wrong. It will not contain any additional fillers such as wheat or corn which can be a source of problems in your dog’s health.

Natural raw foods provide that energy with the correct amount of nutrients needed by your dog’s health. It will give them a new source of energy that will be a lot more different from the usual carbohydrate-filled pet food.

Dogs usually become picky with foods because of the type of food that is being fed to them. It is not that they themselves are choosy with food, but they are actually deprived of the correct amount of food nutrients that they should be having daily.

Hence, their starving body is continually looking for more and more food in order to satisfy that need. Those which are commercially sold in the market are sometimes nutrient depleted and are not prepared the right way. Eating a lot of food is not the solution to this kind of problem.

Your dog may eat a lot but if he doesn’t get what his needs, he will be starving of these necessary nutrients. These pet foods sometimes come in forms that your dog may find hard to digest and hence still deprive him of nutrients.

When you put your pet on a diet that will satisfy their dietary needs, they will have fewer health problems and also will even eat lesser but still remain healthy.

Some of the usual allergic reactions that dogs get from prepackaged food are stomach upset and indigestion. They will also cause some gas problems and may lead to lose of weight and energy.

The wrong types of food can also lead to shedding in some dogs. When they experience a sudden change in the type of food that they consume, and it turns out to have the right amount of necessary nutrients, they experience an improvement on their fur.

They tend to become more shiny and glossy and they also shed less. Those who are experiencing some sort of skin allergy or diseases can also see some change when they switch to a better diet which has complete nutrients.

Those who try this diet will be able to see the difference. There is also a difference in the type of stool that their dog excretes. They will be more firm and are much easier to clean up. When you feed your pet raw food, pet food usually have a powdery stool which doesn’t stink as much as they used to.

Dog Treats to Avoid

It is sometimes our habit to give bits of table scraps to our dogs. But we should also look if what we are giving them is not getting them into some health danger.

Dogs have a different manner of digesting foods and there are some types of foods that are totally harmless to humans but are toxic or lethal for dogs. Here are some of these treats that would be best left out of your list.

Not All Goodies are Good

Chocolates have been popular as the most dangerous food that you can give to your dog. A lot of pet owners have now come to realize that this sweet thing is actually harmful to their pets. Chocolates even in very small sizes can cause death to your dog and even to your cats. You should be careful not to give them even a tiny piece of this treat.

To make your home safe from these lethal foods to your dog, you should make sure that there are no stray candy bowls or boxes lying around your home which your dog can easily reach. You should place them high up on shelves with locks to make sure that they would not be able to get them.

Fats are needed in a dog’s metabolism but owners should be careful not to give their dogs too much. Although it does make food smell better, having a lot of them every here and there such as in burgers and fries can cause health complications in dogs just as much as they do on humans.

Hence, it will be a good reminder to always cut down on the fat – not just for humans but for dogs as well. High amounts of fats can cause complications such as pancreatitis in your dogs according to some researches. Human food is usually high in fat content so one should be careful when giving leftovers to dogs.

Grapes are also on the ban list as this fruit has been found to be the cause of some kidney-related problems. At its worst, it can be lethal as it causes renal failure in dogs. Even if given in small amounts, this can still give your dog some problems so it would be wiser not to give them any at all.

It has not been well-known as to what damage onions can do to dogs but there had been severe reactions from dogs due to this food. Either fresh or in powder form, this bulb can cause sickness such as anemia in your pets so you should check the label of your dog food if they contain this ingredient. Table scraps containing this should also be avoided.

If you still want to give your dog some tasty treat you would do well by giving them alternative treats. You should not just throw something to him which comes directly from what you eat as human food is sometimes toxic to dogs. You can give them chicken breast or oatmeal for starters.

These meals contribute to a healthier body and does not give your dogs additional weight or cause obesity. Gaining these extra pounds can aggravate your dog’s health by causing additional stress on his joints and leading to diseases to his various organs.

You can also try giving him some sweet potatoes and brown rice. They are both high in vitamins and minerals and can help improve dogs digestive system.